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Beer Links and Contacts

Contact weblinks for organisations and companies contributing to the world of beer.

Trade Organisations

Industry Services

Consumer and Collectors' Groups

Words on Beer

Trade Organisations

The American Homebrewers Association, a division of the Brewers Association.

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers. This national organisation represents the interests of UK pub and bar groups.

The British Beer and Pub Association. This is the trade body for the general UK brewing and pub industry and represents the biggest players in the field.

A body dedicated to raising professional standards in the British licensed retail industry via courses and qualifications. Formerly known as the British Institute of Innkeeping.

Brewers Association
The body representing American brewers and associated industries, including home brewers.

Brewers Association of Australia & New Zealand
The representative organisation for Australian and New Zealand brewers.

Brewers Association of Canada
The representative organisation for Canadian brewers.

Federation of Licensed Victuallers’ Associations
This organisation represents self-employed licensees in the UK, offering legal and other business advice.

The Independent Family Brewers of Britain, an association of some of the UK’s longest established breweries, all of which have family members still involved in the business. Currently 27 belong to the IFBB.

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling, an international body that offers training and qualifications for professional brewers and distillers.

The Society of Independent Brewers. This is the trade body for the smallest brewers in the UK, although some of these are now major concerns.

Industry Services

The Beer Academy
This is a British educational body set up to improve knowledge of beer both inside the trade and among consumers through a series of courses and examinations.

Formerly known as Brewing Research International, a UK business offering both technical and consumer research to brewers and other sectors of the beer world.

The Carling Partnership
An international recruitment agency specializing in jobs in the brewing industry.

Cask Marque
A non-profit UK organisation funded by corporate members from the brewing and retailing industries to improve standards of cellarmanship in pubs and bars.

The National Brewing Library
An extensive archive of brewing books and journals at Oxford Brooks University, Oxford. It also houses the Michael Jackson Collection, which encompasses the late writer's wealth of materials and research notes.

Online Courses Review
A handy compilation of brewing courses for study at home.

Consumer and Collectors' Groups

Association for British Brewery Collectables
A membership organization for collectors of bottles, glasses and other breweriana.

Brewery History Society
Founded in 1972, this British membership group exists to promote the interchange of information about breweries and brewing, and the collecting of photographic and archive material.

British Beermat Collectors Society
The grouping for ‘tegestologists’, collectors of pub drip mats, founded in 1960.

The British Brewery Playing Card Society
A club for collectors of advertising playing cards issued by breweries.

The Campaign for Real Ale. This British consumer pressure group was founded in 1971 to fight the rising tide of bland, pasteurized keg beers and to save traditional cask-conditioned ale. The group currently has around 100,000 members and campaigns today on beer quality and choice, prices, duty and matters related to pubs.

The Guinness Collectors Club
Membership body for lovers of Guinness paraphernalia and memorabilia.

The Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood. This is an early UK pressure group, founded in 1963, to try and maintain traditional wooden casks at a time when metal containers were becoming common. Only a handful of breweries now use wooden casks, but the organisation continues in a largely social form.

Words on Beer

Active Beer Geek
Features on beer, fitness and nutrition, from the US.

Appellation Beer
Stan Hieronymus’s online presence. Stan’s your man for an American perspective.

The Beer Boy
Taste the pith with top beer retailer and award-winning writer Zak Avery.

Beer Culture with Des De Moor
Tastings, reviews and more.

The Beer Nut
Lots of views and opinions from a Dublin-based, travelling beer enthusiast.

A Beginner's Guide to Home Brewing
An American site with links to informative features.

Maurizio Maestrelli's Italian beer blog.

Blogging at World of Beer
A Canadian slant from internationally-known author Stephen Beaumont.

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog
Long-standing blogging from a self-confessed pair of 'beer geeks'.

Brew Wales
James 'Arfur' Daley puts the ales in Wales.

British Guild of Beer Writers
Find out more about the best beer writers around.

Brookston Beer Bulletin
Top US beer writer Jay Brooks speaks from California.

Called to the Bar
It's always worth a peek at Adrian Tierney-Jones's blog.

Britain's best beverages celebrated by Susanna Forbes.

European Beer Guide
Ron Pattinson's heavily-detailed guide to Continental beer.

Hardknott Dave's Beer and Stuff Blog
Brewer Dave Bailey's award-winning take on the beer scene.

It’s Just the Beer Talking
Former bar owner, would-be brewer, general nitpicker Jeff Pickthall’s beer blog.

Joe Sixpack
Beer thoughts from Philadelphia courtesy of award-winning writer Don Russell.

Let Me Tell You About Beer
Beer, food and more with the irrepressible Melissa Cole.

Matching Food and Wine
Fiona Beckett’s colourful site (also featuring beer matching).

Pencil and Spoon
Award-winning postings from Mark Dredge.

Pete Brown's Beer Blog
Thought-provoking comment from the globe-trotting beer writer.

Podge on Beer
Mostly dedicated to the Belgian experience, including organized tours. A true enthusiast.

Protz on Beer
Beer sage Roger Protz’s own web world.

Real Brewing at the Sharp End
Thoughts from Sharp's head brewer, Stuart Howe.

Shut up about Barclay Perkins
Amsterdam-based Ron Pattinson's beer blog.

Tandleman's Beer Blog
The thoughts of a CAMRA branch chairman and 'pursuer of all things good in beer'.

The Zythophile
Beer historian Martyn Cornell's blog: myth-busting and more.

Zythum – an Ale Anthology
Interesting notes from the man who built the Tucker's Maltings speciality beer range.