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Beer Lover's Britain

Planning a trip to the UK? Hoping to seek out some great pubs and enjoy a few beers while you’re there? Let Beer Lover’s Britain – now fully updated – hold your hand.

‘indispensable for first-time visitors and quite useful even for old UK beer hands’
Stephen Beaumont, Blogging at World of Beer

‘a comprehensive and affordable solution … packed with information about British beer, how best to enjoy it and where to find the best beers that England, Scotland, Wales and even Northern Ireland have to offer’
Jay Brooks, Brookston Beer Bulletin

‘includes all the vital information you’d expect but also addresses the questions you really want answers to’
Stan Hieronymus, Appellation Beer

'Jeff will whet many appetites for a visit to British pubs and a taste of our unique beers. Don’t leave home without it!'
Roger Protz, Protz on Beer

This clear, informative Kindle e-guide by Inside Beer's Jeff Evans sets the scene perfectly, giving you all the information you need to make the most of your visit in a compact overview of beer and brewing in the UK.

Beer Lover's BritainLearn all about:
The breweries of Britain: how they are organized and the types of beers they brew
The beers of Britain: what you are likely to find and what are the best options
The pubs of Britain: what types of pubs exist and which will suit you best
Britain’s drinking culture: how to order a pint and feel at home in a pub, with laws and conventions explained in simple terms
Other places to buy beer: from style bars and specialist beer stores to restaurants and beer festivals
Getting around: tips and advice on travelling to pubs, with pub and beer recommendations for all parts of the UK

All the nagging questions answered:
Should there be a head on my pint? Is it in the right glass? Is it meant to taste like that? How much does a pint cost? How do I pay the bill? Can I join in the games?

Am I allowed to drive after drinking? What can we eat? Can we bring the children in? Is smoking allowed? Can I expect table service? What time does the pub close? Can we stay at a pub? How do we get there?

And many more. This first update for five years celebrates the explosion in brewery openings, the rise of quality craft keg beers, the growth of specialist beer bars and the arrival of brewery tap rooms, bottle shops with drinking areas and the new phenomenon of micropubs.

From the structure of the British brewing industry to the finer points of pub etiquette, Beer Lover’s Britain explains it all in 30,000 well-researched words. Download it now from amazon's Kindle store, pack it when you travel and you’ll know exactly what to do to get a decent beer as soon as you land.

First published 2009; fully revised and updated Kindle edition 2018 (note: Kindle readers can be downloaded free of charge for smart phones, tablets and Mac and PC computers, so you don't need a Kindle device to read this e-book)

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