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So You Want to be a Beer Expert?

The Inside Beer Quiz puts you on the spot. How well do you know your favourite beverage? Try these ten tricky questions, then check back regularly for our next quiz.
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Quiz 89

1 Which East Anglian city declares itself 'City of Ale' in May each year?

2 Tettnang is hop growing region in which country?

3 The Northgate brewery in Devizes is home to which brewing company?

4 Which nautical term is also used for a type of beer glass, popular in Australia?

5 In which Belgian city is the Halve Maan brewery a major tourist attraction?

6 California common is another name for which style of beer?

7 Which famous British ale gets its name from the fact that it was once, allegedly, reserved for the company's board members?

8 Pliny the Younger and Pliny the Elder are celebrated beers produced by which US brewery?

9 In which English city are the offices of the Campaign for Real Ale?

10 By what name are the beers brewed at the Trappist Abbaye Notre-Dame de Scourmont more commonly known?

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