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A Beer a Day


A Beer a Day book jacket

Winner of the Coors Brewers National Journalism Award at the British Guild of Beer Writers Awards.

'The amount of research and creativity the author put into this should amuse enthusiasts around the world.'
Brian Yaeger, All About Beer

Jeff Evans's absorbing book suggests 366 fascinating beers to help you through the year. Entries in full colour reflect on beers from all over the world that commemorate major events, important dates in history, significant achievers and cultural traditions. Room has been saved for saints and sinners, for beginnings and endings, for the famous and the largely forgotten. Brewing traditions are recalled and cultural heritage is celebrated.

Find out why Franziskaner's Hefeweissbier is the perfect drink for
4 October.

What's the link between Bamberg and St Lawrence?

What happened on 18 April to inspire a beer from San Francisco?

When should you drink a saison or a doppelbock?

The answers to these questions and hundreds more can be found in this absorbing book. There's a story for every beer and a beer for every story.

First edition (2008)

384-page paperback (CAMRA Books)


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