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CAMRA's Beer Knowledge

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'Evans' little tome packs pages with interesting tidbits and bonne mots to keep anyone with a passing interest in beer locked up for hours … Every beer-loving bar should have this nestled right beside the register'
All About Beer

'Idea for the beery quiz compiler, or as a bedside book to dip into at random for the last five minutes of the day'
What's Brewing

'Trivia flies off the page from all directions at about a million hops a mile … a handsome reference. Essential? Agreed.'
Beer Advocate

CAMRA's Beer KnowledgeIf you've ever needed to know the most common beer names, the biggest selling beer brands in the world, the cheapest cities for beer or where the most popular hops are grown, you'll be pleased to find the answers in CAMRA's Beer Knowledge (third edition).

This engaging miscellany of beer facts, lists, explanations and anecdotes will keep you enthralled for hours, as you trawl through the top beer-drinking nations, the countries that pay the most beer tax or the restaurants that sell the best beer, or find out which breweries have been most successful in CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain contest.

The answers are all here in this top-selling book of facts, feats and fun.

Third edition (2016)

160-page hardback (CAMRA Books)


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