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The Inside Beer Quiz

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So You Want to Be a Beer Expert?

The Inside Beer Quiz puts you on the spot. How well do you know your favourite beverage? Try these ten tricky questions, then check back regularly for our next quiz.
Answers are available here.

Quiz 74

1 Burts brewery was once the largest producer on which British island?

2 What is the full name of the London brewery known in short as BBNo?

3 Quilmes is a beer from which South American country?

4 Put these hop varieties in the order in which they were first cultivated: Cascade, Fuggle, First Gold.

5 In terms of operation, what connects the brewing companies Mikkeller (Denmark), Pretty Things (USA) and Ridgeway (UK)?

6 Founded in 1898 and closed just under a hundred years later, in 1997, what was the name of the Salisbury brewery once known for its Bishop’s Tipple ale?
7 Which American female singer, on her Prismatic World Tour in 2014, made the drinking of a local beer a part of her stage act, supping glasses of beer from Banks’s, Liverpool Organic, Bradfield and other breweries as she played gigs in the UK, although her name would suggest that she prefers another tipple?

8 What do the letters BII stand for in the name of a trade association that aims to raise professional standards in the UK licensed retail industry?

9 Hitachino Nest is a range of beers from which Asian country?

10 Which British rock band has recently created a beer with Hobsons brewery that is named after one of their album titles, Dog of Two Head?

Book of Beer KnowledgeAnswers to many of these questions can be found alongside thousands
of other beer facts, figures and feats in the second edition of
CAMRA's Book of Beer Knowledge, on sale now.

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