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Jeff's Events
Jeff will again be hosting a tasting session at this year's Great British Beer Festival.

He will select some of the most interesting beers around and share the secrets of how they are made, leading tasters through a wide range of beers styles from across the UK.

The Great British Beer Festival
Olympia, London
Thursday, 13 August
Time: 1.30pm

Tickets available now from the festival website.

Jeff will also be signing copies of his Book of Beer Knowledge and Good Bottled Beer Guide at the festival's book shop on Tuesday, 11 August, at 4.30pm. Come and say hello!

The Inside Beer Quiz

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Good Bottled Beer Guide

The Inside Beer Quiz puts you on the spot. How well do you know your favourite beverage? Try these ten tricky questions, then check back regularly for our next quiz.
Answers are available here.

Quiz 63

1 Which company brews at the Kingsdown Brewery, Swindon?

2 Jever is a notably dry pils-type beer from which country?

3 The O'Hara's range of beers are produced by which Irish brewery?

4 Which Lancashire company sold most of its brewing concerns to Marston's earlier this year?

5 Which country is home to the Garage Project, Tuatara and Renaissance breweries?

6 Which Yorkshire brewery claimed the 2009 Champion Beer of Britain title with its Ruby Mild?

7 Which major Russian brewery identifies all its main range of beers by number, for example: No. 6 Porter?

8 Which well-established American craft brewery produces beers known as Black Butte Porter, Obsidian Stout and Mirror Pond Pale Ale?

9 In which year did Arthur Guinness acquire the lease on the St James's Gate brewery in Dublin? Was it 1759, 1799 or 1859?

10 Founded in the Ardennes region of Belgium in 1982, which brewery was acquired by Duvel-Moortgat in 2006?

Book of Beer KnowledgeAnswers to many of these questions can be found alongside thousands
of other beer facts, figures and feats in the second edition of
CAMRA's Book of Beer Knowledge, on sale now.

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