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The Inside Beer Quiz

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Good Bottled Beer Guide

The Inside Beer Quiz puts you on the spot. How well do you know your favourite beverage? Try these ten tricky questions, then check back regularly for our next quiz.
Answers are available here.

Quiz 61

1 Which comedian was recently revealed as the new face of Charles Wells' Bombardier bitter?

2 Other than the year related to each Vintage Ale, which date features in the name of a bottled beer from Fuller's?

3 Essex's Mighty Oak brewery claimed CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britain title in 2011 with a mild named after which controversial Victorian writer?

4 Which country is home to Mahou beer?

5 Who enjoyed the taste of beer, 'its live, white lather, its brass-bright depth, the sudden world through the wet brown walls of the glass, the tilted rush to the lips and the slow swallowing down to the lapping belly, the salt on the tongue, the foam at the corners', in his 1940 short story Old Garbo?

6 The name of which historic London brewery, that closed in 1989, was revived by a new business in 2010?

7 Along with coriander, what is the unusual ingredient in the German beer style gose?

8 On which island would you find the Goddards, Island and Yates' breweries?

9 The Belgian town of Oudenaarde is historically known for producing which particular style of beer?

10 Which award-winning, dog-themed Cardiff brewery closed after twenty-seven years of operation in 2014?

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