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The Inside Beer Quiz

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National Brewery Centre

The Inside Beer Quiz puts you on the spot. How well do you know your favourite beverage? Try these ten tricky questions, then check back regularly for our next quiz.
Answers are available here.

Quiz 76

1 What does the abbreviation ABV stand for?

2 Which bird featured in advertisements for Guinness over several decades?

3 Which country is home to Steinlager beer?

4 If a German beer is described as ‘hefefrei’, what ingredient does it specifically not include?

5 Which Belgian city is the home of Stella Artois?

6 Which island in the Indian Ocean produces the celebrated Lion Stout?

7 In 1980s television commercials, which lager was advertised by a bear called George?

8 The unicorn is the emblem of which British regional brewery?

9 Which brewing ingredient is known as frumento in Italian, tarwe in Dutch, blé in French and trigo in Spanish?

10 The German city of Einbeck is said to be the origin of which style of beer?

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